d2mtr issues (Bug #43)

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Hey guys figured you might see it better here. i downloaded a nightly that was supposed to add support for d2mtr. rom boots and goes to a verizon activation screen. also in your carrier selection script you have a few issues as well as the build.prop

/sbin/busybox echo T999UVDLJA >/system/CSCVersion.dat;
should instead read:
/sbin/busybox echo R530MQVALL1 >/system/CSCVersion.dat;

we dont use verizon apps, the SCH-R530 family is comprised of d2usc, d2cri, and d2mtr. the d2cri requires its own special kernel due to camera hardware differences.

Our stock software was LJ1, we have a leaked 4.1.2 tar that is LL1 im attaching a fixed build.prop for you guys and apns-config.xml since the one you guys included in the d2mtr folder dont even have metropcs in them

build.prop (1.6 kB) Anonymous, 02/25/2013 02:28 pm

apns-conf.xml - Stock APN's (884 Bytes) Anonymous, 02/25/2013 02:28 pm


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